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The Absolute Best Places To Visit in Assam

The North East of India is home to one of the most picturesque landscapes and delightful sub-tropical climates you can hope to find on the planet. It is graced with beautiful forests and grasslands, and at every turn, you will be met with a marvel that will never escape your memory for as long as you live.

Those with a passion for the wild open plains and the great outdoors will find a trove of flora and fauna like none other on this planet. There are tea gardens palaces and rich culture of great civilizations that have inhabited the fertile area since the time before times.

No matter what time you choose to visit the region, you will arrive in time for one of the many festivals, feasts, and fairs that bring celebration and spiritual renewal with the changing seasons. The wildlife, traditions, temples, and people are a jewel in the world showcase and worth the visit for.

The 7 most popular tourist spots of Assam are described below:

1. Kaziranga National Park:

Photographers and animal lover will find no end to the engaging opportunity to meet some of Asia’s most remarkable animal characters up close. You will see the shy one-horned rhino; the Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros is slowly making a comeback after being persecuted to near extinction. This park is built on the banks of the great Brahmaputra River that forms the spiritual, cultural and historical heart of the entire Assam region.

There are also elephants in all their majesty, grey-headed eagles for those with a sharp eye, pelicans, buffalo, barasingha, swamp partridge and many more exciting faces to meet and marvel. November is an excellent time to visit this area as the rains have past and the whole countryside is bursting with life and color.

2. Chitralekha Udyan

Why Tezpur, the cultural capital of the region, is called the “City of Blood,” is a good enough mystery send the inquisitive on an expedition. Here you will find the pristine colors and attraction of Chitralekha Udyan. This park was initially built in 1906 and later rebuilt in 1966, today the centennial park is a relaxing location where one can feast their eyes on slowly curving hill paths sloping into cool lakes.

Tezpur means “The Town of Blood” is the “Cultural Capital of Assam” provides loads of great tourist attractions and this park is one of the stunning tourist destinations available here. The park is commonly known as Cole Park. This park is garnished with slopes of small hills and pristine lakes.

Perhaps the most significant reason this park attracts a crowd is the many exciting activities to be done in the lakes rivers. There are boating and paddling opportunities as well as the chance to visit and appreciate the ruins of the Bamuni hills. Another option is just to stroll leisurely through the serene surroundings and feel the timeless aspects of these hills.

3. Majuli Island

Majuli Island is India’s largest Island on a river, the Brahmaputra River in Assam. This destination beckons to those seeking a spiritual retreat or the engaging activities of ecotourism. There is a strong Assamese heritage in the island, and the scenic beauty will attract nature lovers and those with an eye for beauty.

4. Garmur Satra

Garmur Satra is the Bamboo hall of masks and a Must-see location for anyone visiting Majuli Island. The masks seen lining the walls are all depictions of famous deities in the Hindu Pantheon. You will get a chance to see Rama, Ravana, Hanuman, and Narasinga as well as many more colorful characters worth the time investigating.

The bamboo construction in itself is an attraction for globetrotters and the inquisitive alike.

5. Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple in Assam is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths which has long been a symbol that protects its devotees from the power of the evil eye. It is an essential spiritual destination for the Tantric religion and practices. This Temple is counted in the many sacred Shakti Temple found in India, though not the greatest certainly a significant specimen. You can get more in a tourism guide specifically talks about it.

The temple is located on Nilachal Hill, and the primary deity honored at this temple is Maa kamakhya.

The main festival celebrated in this temple is Ambubachi and tourists flock to the temple from across the globe to take part in the grand spectacle. The temple is closed between June 22nd and June 24th as this is a holy time and believed to be the period of the goddess’s menstrual cycle begins. You will find many beautiful images of the Ganesh, Chamundeshwari, Shakti, and others.

6. Sualkuchi

There are many names give to Sualkuchi, including “Silk Heaven” or Manchester of the East, these names have been given to the region due to the incredible silk industry. This picturesque river sits on the waving banks of the Brahmaputra River.

The region around the small village makes the perfect environment for the Ivory White Pat and the Golden Muga both have a special role to play in the creation of the finest silks in India. Sualkuchi means the “Craft Village” and the long history of oil processing, goldsmithing, pottery and basket weaving are all proud traditions of the Sualkuchi. You will find many curious and souvenirs that will make excellent gifts for those back at home.

7. Umananda Temple

In between the Peacock Island of Brahmaputra is the most crowded temple in Assam, Umananda Temple. This temple enhances the beauty of the surrounding area and honors lord Shiva the Chief Deity.
The most vibrant celebrations in this temple are the Shiva Chaturdasi and Maha Shivaratri and invariably attract a crowd of devotees each year.

In closing — the region of Assam is the perfect place to enjoy a side of India you won’t enjoy in the bigger cities of Delhi and Calcutta. For rest relaxation and period of quiet introspection, a trip through the beautiful hills, rivers, and lakes of the Assam region is curative and therapeutic.


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